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Written by Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Scarlett Kim (2018)

Who is the wild duck? What is it to be savage? WILD DUCK is a multimedia exploration of the act of seeing, epistemology of being, and the nature of the theatrical spectacle. Can we imagine up a way of seeing beyond a dialectic of fantasy and life? Our project is to prophesize about presence without a hard boundary of self; to love, by becoming each other through a language of madness. Jump into the depth of the sea with me, lose yourself in the attic with me.



Set Design                  Jinyoung Sung

Lighting Design           Pei-Yu Lai

Costume Design         Chardonnay Tobar
Video Design             
 Shih-Lien Eugene Yen

Original Music             Anthony Storniolo

Photo Credit                Brian Hashimoto



Carolina Vargas, Tyler Riggin, Gabriel Jimenez, Chris Yarrow, Frederick Ramsey, Krystle Tugadi



Brian Hashimoto

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