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Written by Jean Genet 

Directed by Manon Manavit

Sisters Claire and Solange live in the lap of luxury, but it isn’t theirs -- it is the home of their employer, the glamorous Madame. When the lady of the house is away, the two maids play pretend, taking turns enacting fantasies as they dress up in Madame’s magnificent costumes. It’s all in good fun until the game takes a turn. The line between fantasy and reality blurs, and ultimately disappears. Illuminating the dizzying balance between class and power, The Maids dares us to break the conventions that bind us.

Pre-Visualization : Digital Sketches

Pre-Visualization : Scale Model

Drafting (CAD) for Build-up




Set Design                  Jinyoung Sung

Lighting Design           Briana Pattillo

Costume Design         Yi-Hsien Cheng
Video Design             
 Shay Willard

Sound Design              Bo Li

Technical Director      Savannah Lewis

Scenic Artist               Janhavi Naik



Pricilla Chung. Karina Fathi. Brighid Gallagher



Hao Feng, Jin-young Sung

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