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Written by Albert Camus

Directed by Natalia Lassalle-Morillo

( - postponed due to covid 19 / Presented in 3D Modeling )

Caligula, a relatively favored and obedient prince, becomes aware on the death of Drusilla, his sister and  mistress, that life is meaningless and suffering unavoidable. Obsessed with the impossible and facing the corrupt moral system of his inherited empire, he tries, through the systematic perversion of all values, to perform a controversial moral revolution that stirs Rome into chaos and sheds a mirror to its own brutality and dishonesty. Written in a 7-year span during WWII, Albert Camus’ Caligula problematizes our relationship to history, grief, truth, power, vulnerability, masculinity and brutality. 


Simulation Video

Scale Model Work - 1/2" Scale

Audience Seat Variation (3D)

Caligula_Set Design_V1
Caligula_Set Design_V2
Caligula_Set Design_V3
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